How to Embrace The New Season + Feel Unstoppable

How to embrace the new season

How do you embrace the new season?

It’s never been my nature to live in the past, although I do enjoy lingering there for a while from time to time. What excites me more than anything is the “unknown” of the future and all the crazy hairy scary adventures that await me on the journey towards my dreams.

Big dreams, big challenges. Small dreams, small challenges. You choose.

As we begin to embrace the new season, I find myself excited for spring! I can’t tell you how incredible it feels to breathe in the fresh spring air full of possibilities.

What about you? Can you feel it too?

In that spirit, I’m challenging myself to live for the now, slow down and appreciate what’s in front of me and be more mindful of the time as it passes.

Spring is delicate, fresh and innocent and so is your soul…

If you want to run a soulful business that is sustainable without feeling burnt out then choose...

  • Slow living over hustle

  • Dream clients over nightmare clients

  • Passion over perfection 

  • Community over competition

  • Nature over computer screen

Finally, learn to say “No” over “Yes”!

And by that I mean to make sure you only say “yes” to things, clients, collaborations and opportunities that really, really, really excite you and light you up. Your life is too short saying “yes” to everything and everyone just because you’re expected to.

So let’s make a deal together and start this new season in a high spirit and feel unstoppable!!

Now, tell me, friend, how do you welcome spring? Make sure that you leave your comment below!