6 Reasons To Grow Your Business Running Retreats

Running a yoga retreat

The best way to combine your passion for travel and what you do is to run retreats. I've hosted several over the last 12 years, both in the UK and abroad, and it has always been an incredible experience.

Personally, I prefer organising boutique and intimate retreats, bringing together a small group of people from all around the world, having enough time and space to share, learn, laugh and build friendships.

While it may be scary to organise your first retreat, it's something you should consider not only to grow and expand your business but also to create new opportunities in your life that you thought would never be possible. And here's my six reasons why...

1. You love travelling and exploring the world (for free!)
2. You love what you do but feel stuck in a routine
3. You want to inspire your existing clients and create new experiences
4. You want to attract new clients outside your local area
5. You want to generate a new revenue stream and increase sales
6. You want to breathe more freedom and space into your life

Over the years, I've also found that it's much easier to start small and local, try and test your model, learn from your victories as well as mistakes and consider the following:

  • European locations are usually much more accessible for your clients, offer better value for money and don't require as much planning and logistics at your end. It's easier to plan, book and get to a one week retreat in France than a one week retreat in Bali!

  • Think small numbers (10-12) so you have time to attend to all your guests and create a personalised experience, making everyone feel they're well looked after. It's much harder with a group of over 20!

  • Co-organise your retreat with another expert who shares the same audience. It helps to brainstorm ideas, share responsibilities and costs, promote and market your event. So if you're a yoga teacher you may want to team up with a nutritionist or massage therapist.

  • Don't be generic! Creating your retreat around a specific theme or topic and focusing on one main benefit people will experience, learn and take back home will help your retreat to stand out in the already crowded retreat market!

  • Allow at least 3-6 months of lead time to organise and market your retreat. A weekend domestic yoga retreat would typically need less time to promote and fill up than a two week retreat abroad. Also think special promotions, such as 'early bird' rates, etc.

Does it sound doable? Something that excites you?

Whether you're a yoga teacher, wellness coach, nutritionist or creative, I want you to create and grow business you love!

So I've teamed up with French Loaf who recently opened their gorgeous country house in France to host your private retreats. You can check it out here >

They embrace a stunning French countryside, stylish accommodation and passion for travel to provide a unique space to run your next inspirational, wellbeing or creative retreat.

Great outdoors, swimming pool, delicious local food, yoga yurt and props included!

Working with Emma of French Loaf on their recent website makeover, she's offering an exclusive 10% discount on your first retreat booking!

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Now, are you a retreat veteran or you're thinking of running your first retreat? Please join the conversation in the comments below - ask questions, share your tips and recommendations to inspire each other!