Things I Do To Make The Most Of This Year

Love affirmation card

That's it. I'm officially declaring February the new January. You say what?? I say you're welcome!! I'm not doing it just for my own sanity but for the wellbeing of the whole spirited community of female dreampreneurs - our lives, families and businesses. To survive, to grow and to shine our greatness.

We need to attract and nurture the magic, inspiration and creation on the inside, not push and force it on the outside.

Over the last few years running my own business, I've discovered there's a clear pattern when the old year rolls into the new one. And it catches me by surprise, every frickin' time!

Come December you really have just two options, you either win or loose!

A) You spend the last month of the year slowing down, unwinding and connecting with people you love, hugging your little ones, baking Christmas cookies, reflecting and celebrating all your wins, lessons and achievements of the year;


B) You keep chasing your tail, stressing and thinking that if you don't cross all the things, goals and resolutions you set for yourself off the list before the end of the year, the whole world will come to an end.

If you're anything like me, you choose the first option in your heart, but your mind aka your ego keeps telling you: "Keep going, go, go, go, do this, do that, you can do it!" So you keep on pushing, going and forcing, just to prove that you're a super human, not a failure.

Then January is another story, it's the power month!

Did you notice how your inbox and social media feeds get busy with new habits, motivational messages, tricks, tips, trainings, detoxes and makeovers competing with each other over the best solutions to save you and your business?!?

Seriously, I think January has become a test of our mental strength. Not as much for keeping our focus and determination moving towards our dreams but for surviving all the noise that's being directed at us.

There’s nothing wrong with being inspired! In fact, it’s essential for our creativity to survive and thrive but I can’t honour burnout in the first month of the year just because I set the pace too high.

So dear December + January, make some space and bring on February!

I'm absolutely fine not having everything planned, figured out and outlined for the whole year ahead 'cause I know my rhythm, I know what makes this girl tick, I know what works for me and what doesn't...

I choose peace, clarity and passion over perfection, overwhelm and judgement every single day, week and month of the year and practice these few simple rituals that help me get the most of the year while keeping my spirit high and my heart aligned with what I desire. 


Before the rest of our household wakes up, I start every day with 10 minute meditation to clear my head, sort out my thoughts and improve my focus. Usually, I just listen to relaxing music, focus on breathing or play a guided meditation on YogaGlo App.


Unknowingly, manifestation has been part of my everyday life since I can remember. Visualising myself in the centre of my dreams as if I was living them already - feeling, seeing, hearing and tasting every little detail of it. For example, if you're dreaming of collaborating with someone, instead of thinking "I will collaborate with ...." change it to "I am collaborating with ..." You'll immediately notice a massive shift of energy and start attracting what you believe is your reality. It's super powerful and it has helped me successfully manifest everything in my life so far, including my dream job with Depeche Mode.


Here's another favourite of mine! Every Monday morning, I choose a new affirmation card from the pack and keep it on my desk or carry it around in my diary as a subtle reminder of my intentions. It helps shift my focus and energy when I don't feel aligned. I love using affirmation cards such as "The Universe has your back" by Gabby Bernstein or "Truth bombs" by Danielle LaPorte. 


I noticed that spending long hours behind a computer screen started taking toll on my health a few months ago. So to manage my aches and pains, I decided to move my morning yoga practice to a lunch time in order to break the day, boost my energy level, stretch inside out and get excited for the rest of the day. If there's need for an extra dose of endorphins, I like to perform a few numbers of JustDance on XBox Kinect. So much sweat and fun!!


The winter dark cold days can often play tricks on our minds, making it harder to stay motivated and positive, when all you want is to hibernate. Especially, when you and your family battle the annual colds. I feel so much better by simply surrounding myself with candles, plants and crystals, burning organic essential oils and listening to some uplifting music. This month you could find Lana del Rey, Lapsley, Paloma Faith or Christine and The Queens on my playlist.


Finally, I typically end my day with a little gratitude practice, saying a quiet 'thank you' for something I'm grateful for before I go to bed. It can be as simple as "I'm thankful for learning a new shortcut in Photoshop" or "I'm thankful for having a hot relaxing bath tonight". When we eat dinner together as a family, we also share our 'favourite moment of the day' with each other, appreciating anything small or big that has happened today. I also like the idea of keeping a gratitude journal (Kikki.K have some gorgeous ones!!) as you'll be able to see how amazing your life is and how far you have come when you reflect back on the whole year.


P.S. Now I'd love to hear what rituals do you practice in your life or business to keep juggling all the balls at the same time? Life, work, relationships, families, etc? Leave your comment below and let's share and grow together!