5 Ways To Boost Your Sales This Month

Christmas Sales Ideas

What do you love most about this time of year? There’s nothing like lighting up candles all around the house, breathing fresh crispy air on long weekend walks, swapping chilled Pinot Grigio for a hot and spicy red and roasting enough marshmallows on the bonfire night to keep us satisfied until Christmas.

Sure, it’s magical and all that, but let’s be realistic, it’s also the season of sales and promotions with people looking for inspiration and ideas to give or receive everywhere!

If you’re running a business you can either choose to ignore the Christmas craze and let your competition score the extra sales OR think of creative ways to engage with your dream client and make your products or services stand out.

Over the last few years, I’ve successfully used the pre-Christmas period to create momentum in my own business, increase sales and grow my email list. And because I love sharing what I’ve learned, here’s my guide to planning your end of year promotions:

1. Giveaways

You’ll find giveaways at the top of the popularity list, simply because people like to get free stuff and they also like to play. You don’t even have to give away too much as long as you’re original and creative, using your own products and services, teaming up with a brand that sponsors your promotion or just buying an Amazon gift card. Here’s some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Facebook or Instagram giveaway - get people to follow, like, share, tag friends, etc. to grow your reach and number of followers

  • 12 Days of Christmas - get people excited with a little something to be won over a period of twelve days in the run up to Xmas

  • List building giveaway - create a unique landing page where people have to join your email list for a chance to win the goodies. Once you’ve picked a winner, you can email all participants an exclusive discount code or voucher and send them back to your website, sales page or shop.

Things to remember: 1. Always include clear rules and deadline for your giveaway to set people’s expectations. 2. If people sign up to your giveaway with their email address, make sure you get their consent to be added to your email list. 3. Use an online number generator such as numbergenerator.org to pick a random winner. 4. Don’t make it overly complicated or create too many steps for people to take action.

2. Time sensitive promotion

If you run a service based business like me, you’re probably reviewing your rates at the end of the calendar year and increasing your prices in January. This gives you an opportunity to invite people to work with you and book your services before the prices go up next year. Similarly, you can think of a time limited offers such as a Christmas sale, 24hr flash sale, etc to make people act fast.

3. Scarcity promotion

Marketing your products or services using scarcity is also a very powerful sales technique. There’s only a few weeks left until the end of the year and you’re in a very good position to offer your dream client just what they need to meet their goals and complete those soon-to-expire New Year resolutions. Here’s some examples:

  • I only accept one last client this year

  • We only have last two spaces left in the workshop

  • I only have five copies of my book left

4. Black Friday + Cyber Monday

Personally, I don’t like discounting my prices throughout the year. Therefore, Black Friday (retail) or Cyber Monday (internet) give me an opportunity to increase my reach and sales, whether it’s offering an exclusive discount, bonus or creating a special product/service just for this occasion. It’s also a chance to work with people who would not otherwise be able to afford your regular prices.

5. Quirky celebrations

This is when you can get really creative and not only at this time of year! Scan through websites such as nationalholidaycalendar.com for any local, national or international days, holidays and celebrations and think how you could make some of the dates work around your business, your dream client, your products or services or time your future product launches. Here’s an example of things to celebrate throughout November and December among many other quirkier holidays so make them your own.

  • Small Business Saturday (Nov 24)

  • National Cake Day (Nov 26)

  • St Nicholas Day (Dec 6)

  • National Brownie Day (Dec 8)

  • National Cocoa Day (Dec 13)

  • Winter Solstice (Dec 21)

P.S. Media and Instagram love to celebrate days like this so give your business a huge shout out at any occasion and #hashtag away!!!

Now, tell me in the comments below, which one of these techniques can you put into practice to boost your sales today? Let's make it happen together!!