How To Procrastinate Like A Pro

How to procrastinate like a pro

When I recently watched this TED Talk video "Inside the mind of a master procrastinator" by Tim Urban it got me thinking about the two categories he describes that we apparently all fit in. Yes, all of us, it's not just you, me or Tim! 

As I was trying to figure out how bad I am in procrastinating and what type of procrastinator fits me, I realised that I don't only fit both of the categories but I'm also pretty good in the third one that he doesn't even mention during his talk.

You see, the world of procrastination is not as simple as it might seem, just like anything else in our lives. And as for me personally, I always want a bit of this and a bit of that, so why should I stick with just one "procrastinator of the year" label when I can have all three!

Now before you jump over to watch Tim's TED Talk, let me explain my own theory on how procrastination may or may not manifest in your life. But to begin...

If you want to procrastinate like a pro you must do these three things first! {Tweet it}

1. Stop fighting it, blaming yourself and loosing your sleep over it (you're not helping yourself, quite the opposite)
2. Accept it as a natural part of every creative process (it's the life telling you, you need to take a breather)
3. Take the advantage of your procrastination moments to elevate, grow and shine (scroll down for my personal tips)

So you're wondering what type of procrastinator are you?


This is you if you spend hours, days, weeks, months or years thinking that you should be working on ...................... (fill in the blank) but in reality it's not usually until the last few days before the deadline when your panic monster wakes up, scares you to death, makes you jump into action to complete the whole task in a split of moment and saves you from personal or public embarrassment, shame, failure and humiliation.

Tip: Break your big projects into small digestible bites and list them in your calendar in a reverse order so you know what is the first, second, third...step you need to take to move forward. Remember that it's the little things that make the big dreams!


This is you if you wish to get, achieve, change, make or improve something in your life but you spend hours, days, weeks, months or years just thinking, talking and dreaming about it. Instead of diving in and testing the waters, looking for answers and solutions and trying to figure it out, you just end up coming up with excuses and let your life pass by unattended.

"I want to start my dream business BUT I'm not ready..."
"I want to loose weight BUT I don't have time to exercise..."
"I want to get out of my toxic relationship BUT I'm scared to be alone..."

There's always BUT, BUT, BUT that shops you getting closer to what you truly desire.

Tip: Set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes every day for one week and do whatever you need to do to get your new thing started. In week two, increate the timer to 10 minutes, then move to 15 minutes in week three and by the end of week four, you'll have a solid routine of 20 minutes a day dedicated to your next big thing!


This is the third category I realised a lot of spirited entrepreneurs like you and me belong to and it's you if you use procrastination as a form of re-connecting to your sixth sense, intuition and creative source. You may be holding back from doing, hustling and pushing for a while but what if you just need to align yourself to your true purpose so your life, your relationships, your work and creations are even more authentic?

Tip: Do whatever makes your heart sing and engage in any creative activity that helps you awaken all your senses - from dancing, singing, doodling, drawing, painting to writing, reading, taking a walk, gardening or cooking. Open your mind and heart and listen to the quiet whispers guiding you on to the next step, then write all your big or small ideas in your journal and act upon it (perhaps implementing my two tips above).

Now I'd love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below what type of procrastinator are you? Intense, Infinite or Intuitive? Or maybe you're a bit of all three like me? And are you ready to stop fighting it and accept the benefits of procrastination on purpose?

Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts and if you know of souls who are struggling to move forward in their life, business or relationships, please share this post with them!

Much love + gratitude,
Michaela x