How To Choose Your Brand's True Colours

How to choose your brand’s true colours

Once you've created your mood board on Pinterest, take some time to sit with it, scan through all the images and start noticing any patterns and similarities. Look for colours that are alluring, interesting and work in harmony with each other, while staying true to your brand values.

Typically, I'd look for two main colours (primary + secondary) and a collection of shades that complement them.

There’s a whole psychology behind each colour so pay an extra special attention when choosing your colour palette as they're all associated with specific energy, emotions and feelings that can either enhance or diminish your brand's message.

“Colour is the place where our brain and the Universe meet.”
~ Paul Klee

So how to make sure you're using the right colour that connects and influences your ideal client on the sub-conscious level and makes your brand irresistible?

1. Choose the personality that fits your brand + your ideal client

Here, I like to draw from the ancient principles and its knowledge of Universal elements that are represented in the nature and shape not only the annual seasons but also our human behaviour and characteristics.

Light, soft, delicate, warm, pastel, fresh

Cool, muted, elegant, romantic, graceful

Earthy, organic, warm, intense, muted

Striking, opulent, dramatic, bright, clear

2. Decide what colours best support your brand values

Once you decide on your brand's personality, consciously choose the colours that reflect your brand values. 

Orange = warm, enthusiastic, open, homely, extrovert, impulse
Purple = inspiration, wisdom, creativity, higher purpose, compassion
Red = power, passion, energy, vitality, ambition, confidence
Blue = freedom, space, clarity, communication, calm, trust
Green = connection, nature, harmony, balance, health, growth
Yellow = focus, radiance, concentration, self-power, clarity, optimism
Pink = femininity, love, calm, respect, nurture, sensitivity, care

3. Finalise your colour palette

A combination of the brand's personality + values will determine the final tones and hues of your colour palette to make your brand balanced, sophisticated and stand out.

In case of my personal brand, I introduced the above principles to create a striking colour palette that matches my brand's personality as well as values I want my brand to be associated with, every time my ideal client comes across my business.

My brand's personality: Since my ideal client is a female entrepreneur, I chose my primary + secondary colours in the Winter palette to show her I mean business. Then I selected the complementary shades from the Summer palette to bring in the elegance, softness, grace and femininity.

My brand's values: When I serve my ideal client, I want to create a nurturing and loving environment (pink) as well as inspire and connect with her true purpose (purple).

So the end result looks something like this...

Choosing the right brand colours

Now, have a go at to choose your brand's true colours!