Kheyla Anderson created Mother Nature’s Recipes out of a genuine need to support mums in a more personal, multi-dimensional way, to cater to a variety of needs and remind mums of how incredible they are. Kheyla is a real entrepreneur and visionary at heart and wanted her new website to combine all - sharing her knowledge and experience as well as interact with her clients and give them an opportunity to book treatments, yoga classes and shop online.


When good people are placed in your life at the right time, it is truly a remarkable and humbling feeling. Michaela beat me to the punch on this one! Imagine, she designed ME the website of my dreams and she then sent ME an incredibly thoughtful gift to tell me how much she’s enjoyed working with me and how she wishes me great success for the future. When I say this woman is an incredibly special being, understand that words cannot truly encapsulate how much I mean it. She gives far beyond the point of professional service which is why I believe she will reap all the good she has sown tenfold, I for one will always be praying that this is the case. The following words are nowhere near close to what my heart wants to say to you but, thank you, thank you, thank you...
— Kheyla Anderson, Founder