When my friend Aneta Podlaska contacted me to design her brand and website I could tell she was ready to take her business to another level and establish herself as an expert to go to. She wanted her website to be dedicated to Ayurveda through her eyes and to be able to share the beauty of Ayurveda, a great gift from nature, which offers simple, accessible and cheep tips to improve our wellbeing. The earthy colours and images were the natural choice introducing a sense of calm and serenity across all her online presence.


Michaela is a true gem. Not only she has a great knowledge and experience in many areas of starting and running a business but also inspires you with her unique ideas. She’s creative, passionate with a great attention to details and aesthetics and what’s more always listen to you diligently with an open heart and mind. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help, advice or simply courage to start their own journey.
— Aneta Podlaska, Director