This is a perfect example how Universe works! Siobhan contacted me to re-design her website but it took another three months until we were brought together again by the magic of synchronicity. I was looking for a yoga teacher to take over my kids yoga class and Siobhan was the one who picked my post on Facebook. That was a sign to move on for her - she got a new teaching job and I got to work on her new site. Through Calmer Kids Yoga, Siobhan provides bespoke yoga and mindfulness classes to schools and studios in London, but she's got some big dreams and plans, so watch this space!


The thought of creating my website was a very daunting and intimidating process but Michaela put me at ease from our first encounter. With her creativity and professionalism she really brought my dream to life and I am extremely proud to show clients my website. I have generated a lot more work from her social media advice and guidance which is such a bonus. Michaela is very kind and patient with me as I am not great with computers and all that comes with it but she guided me through all the processes and gently reminded me when I was running behind schedule. I am truly grateful for all that Michaela has done and look forward to working with her in the future.
— Siobhan Power, Founder & Director