I'm Choosing Passion Over Perfection


I'm a self-proclaimed queen of perfectionism.
I've always believed it's a positive quality.

Putting a great attention into details.
Doing a wonderful job.
Your clients love you.
Your work stands out.

What I didn't realise or wanted to admit is that... 

An obsessive perfectionism can turn against you.
It creates blockages.
It doesn’t support you.
It holds you back. 
It slows you down.
It stops the creative energy flow freely.
You never feel you're ready.
You don't think you're good enough.
You're hard on yourself.
You stress, over-think, over-plan, over-do...

Now I simply choose to do the best I can.

I choose passion.
I choose freedom.
I choose creativity.
I choose progress.
I choose magic.

It's a hugely liberating exercise trusting your soul!

P.S. Inspired by Danielle LaPorte's #truthbomb 🙏🏻