Stop Worrying How It's Going To Happen And Start Believing That It Will


We all have a dream.
Me, you, everyone.

The only difference between people who turn their dreams into reality and those who don't is their capacity to believe.

I say capacity, not ability.
We all have ability to believe.
But your capacity to believe is what matters.

So make a promise to yourself today.

Stop worrying when it's going to happen.
For it can take one day, one week, one month, one year or ten years.

Stop worrying how it's going to happen.
For it can take your heart being broken multiple times, moving continents, loosing a loved one, massive failures, burning out, living on a street or an army of enemies.

Stop worrying if it's going to happen.
For your believe needs to be pure without any doubt and hesitation.

In fact stop worrying. Full stop.
It's going to happen when you start believing that it will.
And when you're ready to receive it.