10 Expert Tips To Creating A Blog From Your Heart


{Originally written for and published in Yogagenda 2017}

I’ve never thought of blogging as something I should pick up just because it’s trendy or I’m expected to have one. Writing and photography has always been my passion, way before I wrote my first blog post so, for me, it was just a natural process. If you feel the urge to express yourself, share and inspire others, blogging is the best creative platform to help you reach your tribe wherever they are. There’s so much I’ve learned over the years and below is just a small collection of tips I wish I had when I started out. So be creative, try and test them out, put them into action - at the end of the day, it’s your life, your blog, your rules…

It’s important to be clear and decide what do you expect your blog to do - is blogging going to be your main thing or is it just going to support and serve your primary yoga business? Clarity is the key as it helps you determine the choice and structure of your website as well as your work flow.

Be real, honest, transparent and come from the place of heart! There’s a real chance that whatever inspires or excites you in this world may inspire thousands other people. If you’re not passionate about what you do, it’s just going to show in your blog posts and you loose your audience fast.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself without fear or criticism. Blogging is about connecting and creating relationships and there’s always going to be people who love your work and resonate with you as well as those who don’t. It’s ok if they decide to leave because you wouldn’t want to hang out with them anyway, right?

If you want to take blogging seriously, you have to commit and create a consistent content. It may take some time, energy and money so it’s important to keep your focus and spirit high and hang on there. It will get easier as you learn what works and what doesn’t, ask for help if you get stuck, just get started and perfect things along the way.

Don’t underestimate the power of photos, there’s nothing worse than pages of text with no images or very poor ones. It’s the easiest way to grab people’s attention and digest the information. Invest in a good camera, grab your iPhone and take advantage of free photo editing tools out there - being creative and original can be as easy as pie!

Start by listing down things you’re passionate about or you’re the expert to go to as they may hold a foundation to your blog structure, categories and tags. Demonstrations, interviews, how to guides, reviews, recipes, quotes, tips or behind the scenes are some of the favourites…

Go out, talk to people, visit places, read or scan through Pinterest, you will be surprised how much inspiration is out there. Listen to conversations and ask your tribe about their passions, fears and desires, can your blog posts help or support them in any way? 

To connect with your tribe, you have to be original! People don’t want to see another version of someone else’s blog, so don’t copy or compare yourself to others. Why not start with a simple blog post with an enticing headline and a collection of beautiful images or a video? You develop your style as your confidence grows, just remember to use a language that sounds like you!

Try to create a blogging schedule in your calendar where you list all your posts at least 6 months in advance, you can always move the dates and posts around if you need to. If you can do 1-2 posts a month great, if you can commit to a weekly post you’ll have more chances to get noticed.

There’s many ways to share your posts and it’s your job to let people know where they can find you. Set up a regular newsletter and find your fans in a few different places - from your social media platforms to guest blogging for an established blog or partnering with an inspiring brand, the world is your oyster!