Shut Your Eyes In Order To See


For years, I used to believe that in order to move ahead, grow and succeed, I had to say YES to all things that came across my path. Always feeling so excited when someone approached me and wanted to work with me, I very often missed the ringing bells and said YES without thinking it through, forcing and pushing myself to the finishing line.

I lived under an illusion that if I said NO to those things and people, I'd miss my chance, opportunity or disappoint (the other person, of course). What I didn't realise was that I was in fact satisfying their own needs and meeting their own agenda. Not mine.

"Saying YES to meet other people's agenda may slow you down in creating a life you desire!" {Tweet}

As my business naturally evolved and my mindfulness practice deepened, I started applying somewhat different strategy and facing each new temptation with an 'inside out' awareness, not 'outside in'.

"Creating 'inside out' connections is the key ingredient to your success." {Tweet}

So before I jumped into anything head first, I simply stopped for a moment, closed my eyes and imagined my dream vision of myself and my life. If that next thing wasn't going to take me closer to that vision, I knew I was just wasting my precious time and energy and said a graceful NO.

Q: Let me know in the comments below if you're a YES or NO person and how does saying YES or NO to all opportunities make you feel?