Not All Glitters Is Gold


Oh my...I haven't realised how hard it's to design your own website! Something you wouldn’t expect me to say, having been designing websites for the last ten years or so and believing in the potential and power of the creative source in all I do.

Choosing to work with heart-centred entrepreneurs and spirited businesses, the process is always very intuitive. I tune in, connect, listen, feel, visualise and get creative. My clients trust me and I trust the creative process. And it works (almost always).

As much as the website needs to serve as a marketing platform to connect with the tribe and convert fans into clients, it has to above all reflect the uniqueness, greatness and authentic self of the brand - whether you run a personal business or a large company.

“The spirit of your business has to be a true reflection of the spirit you are.” {Tweet}

When I started gathering ideas and content for my new website, instead of following the exact steps - tuning in, connecting, listening, feeling, visualising and getting creative - I was getting distracted, comparing myself to others, procrastinating, feeling stuck, anxious and overwhelmed.

I didn’t feel the design, the message, the strategy was good enough. I didn’t feel I was enough.

Somehow I felt attracted to gold in different visual elements and designs. You name it… And I don’t even like or wear gold! So I introduced gold in my website. It looked all very sparkly and attractive. I loved the look of it but it didn’t feel right, it wasn’t me.

With so many inspirations, choices, people and ideas surrounding us daily across all sorts of media platforms, facing some elementary decisions can prove to be a real struggle in real life. That’s when it’s time to withdraw from the external world and connect to source within you.

“Perhaps you have to lose yourself first so you can be found.”  {Tweet}

So I was just sitting, breathing and listening. I deleted all the visuals and started creating from scratch. And my biggest revelation? I’m definitely not a golden girl but I know I can share my sparkles…