Take What You Need Today: Free Poster Download


Do you know that feeling when you sometimes wake up in the morning and feel out of balance, disconnected and not your usual (amazing, wonderful, beautiful and bountiful) ‘self’? 

And you can’t figure out why, cause the day hasn’t even started yet…

Our feelings, emotions and thoughts can be very powerful. Overwhelmingly powerful and dark at times. They can slowly creep in and stick with us for the entire day, determining the nature of our energy, all our actions and relationships.

I think that sucks but I also know that you and me always have a choice!

A choice to focus.
A choice to be in charge.
A choice to determine what feelings you invite into your life.
A choice to flow.
A choice to trust yourself.
A choice to listen and speak the truth.
A choice to move towards freedom.
A choice to create a day you want.

“Every new morning you have a new choice. You’re entirely up to you.” {Tweet}

If you need a bit more support aligning yourself and turning your day around, start by tuning in with your heart, listen carefully and then ask the Universe loud and clear what it is you want, desire and need more of today.

Download this fun sheet (below) to help you manifesting in your own life and it's always a good idea to share it in your office, yoga studio, retreat, etc. I hope you enjoy it!