This Year Start Counting Your Blessings


Let's be honest. Where did fears and worries ever got you?

For I know, they only manage to freeze you inside out. It's the stress of not getting where you want to be in the future or the pain you didn't get where you wanted to be in the past.

And the beginning of the year is just another trap with all the New Year's goals and resolutions settings when we're creating unrealistic expectations and being hard on ourselves if we fail.

This week I've heard too many people saying "this year is going to be better than last year or this year is going to be the best year ever" as if all the previous years weren't good enough already.

So if you're one of them, let me ask you a question: Aren't you just setting yourself for another disappointment when 2016 comes to its end, secretly worrying what you're going to claim in January 2017 if nothing extraordinary happens over the next twelve months? 

It's really simple! The secret is to establish some kind of equilibrium between our ups vs. downs, expectations vs. reality or ........................... (fill in the blank space)

If there's one thing yoga has thought me over the years, it's the power to balance my fears & worries with blessings & gratitude.

Now, I want you to start all over again and make EVERY YEAR equally wonderful, fabulous and full of magic just as you dream, desire and intend (even the one that just ended).

You've got the power but if in doubt and you need to see it before you believe it here's how you can start counting your blessings - one day, one week, one month at the time...

1. Download and print "My 2016 Blessings" sheet here.
2. Get a beautiful box or a glass jam jar and cut out the individual squares.
3. At the end of each month write down one blessing or one single thing you are the most grateful for, fold the card and store in your box/jar.
4. Open your box/jar at the end of 2016 and read out loud all your blessings.
5. Don't be surprised to discover what a fantastic year it's been for you!!!

Super simple, yet very powerful, right? And you can even make your own sheet for weekly or daily blessings or start a journal. And why don't you do the same exercise for 2015?

There are so many amazing things coming your way if you start paying attention and soon you'll notice there's no space for fears or worries.

Let me know how you're getting on or share with me what blessings did 2015 bring your way in the comments below.