Manifesting Your Downward Dog


When I first started yoga all those years ago, though being very flexible, there was no way I could touch my toes and my forward bends brought me more pain than pleasure.

What changed?

One very clever Swami in India said "visualise yourself". That was a revelation!

Previously, I spent my yoga classes pushing myself over the limits, manipulating my body into poses I wasn't ready for, fighting my critical mind over not doing my best.

The truth is I was doing my best. The best I could.

And this is exactly the state of mind you want to find yourself in when you're rolling out your yoga mat (or in fact doing just about anything in your life).

When you're approaching everything with "do the best I can" attitude everything changes. Your mind and body relax. You're patient with yourself. You trust the Universe with an unexpected delivery.

For patience is not only an important virtue to practice in your daily life. It's also one of the four essential steps to successfully manifest what you desire in your life or on a yoga mat.  

It's the knowing that things will come your way when you least expect them, but most importantly when you're ready for them to be revealed.

Now, let's get clear on all the other steps to a successful manifestation to transform yourself from where you're now to where you want to be and turn your Downward Puppy to a Downward Dog.

Step 1: Be clear on what you want
Simply say to yourself that you want to practice Downward Dog and make it clear how you want to feel while holding the pose - free, supple, calm, open, joyful or straight back, stretched legs, sharp inverted "v" shape and heals touching the floor.

Step 2: Release all your inner fears
Let the breath be your guide here to change your mind set. Keep focusing on inhaling more space, light and positive energy into your body while exhaling all your fears, inhibitions, tension, self-criticism and doubts from your mind. 

Step 3: Visualise yourself living it already
And by this I mean, try to see yourself in the Downward Dog pose just as you set in Step 1. Keep you eyes closed if you can and use your inner vision to see and feel your body being free, calm and open with your back and knees straight and your tailbone pointing out. Visualise every detail of your pose and remember, seeing is believing!

Step 4: Be patient and trust the Universe with an unexpected delivery
Return to your breath (prana) if you're loosing focus or patience. Be present and aware checking in with your body and how it responses. Don't rush, fight, push yourself or be frustrated. Open your heart and express your gratitude for doing the best you can. Let your mind be curious and excited to allow your Downward Dog grow organically as the nature intended.