What's Your Favourite Moment Of The Day?


It must be three or four years ago now since we introduced 'my favourite moment of the day' in our family. As we sit down together at our dinner table in the evening, we each take turn to share what one amazing thing happened to us that day.

I think this little ritual first began to spark the conversation with my otherwise pretty quiet step-son to find out what he's been up to during the day. If you've got a teenager at home, you know what I'm talking about. You ask them how their day was and you're lucky to get a mere OK. If you want to know what happened today, they answer: nothing.

This has actually proven to be a fun way to start our evenings and everyone seems to enjoy taking their turn. In fact, our little girl can't wait to be the first one to share her favourite moment and she even came up with some strict rules that you can only have a one go and can't copy other people's favourite moments.

So what happens if you spent the whole day in front of your computer, had otherwise pretty boring or exhausting day and the best thing is right now, sitting at the table and sharing dinner with your family - but she already picked this moment for herself?

Yes, you have to go deeper and take the second look. You have to think harder, revise, measure, compare, focus, dig and find. Because what if that little thing you took for granted or overlooked has a much greater significance than you care to admit?

Going over your day while highlighting the good and positive things that happen to you over the negative or less favourite might seem to be a bit tricky at first. However, if you play this gratitude game regularly it will soon become a habit and the habit will soon turn into a way of life. 

Your otherwise negative and critical mind will start looking for the beauty as you train it to appreciate who you are, what you have and count all the blessings.