Become The Best Friend With Procrastination


I thought it was funny that as I was getting ready to launch my new yoga program PRANA YOGA :: BREATHING LIFE INTO YOUR LIFE, which in my head was already seven months overdue, I received a beautiful reminder from gorgeous Danielle LaPorte that went like this.

“Procrastination can be a form of intuition.”

Bang on, she totally nailed it! Suddenly a big heavy bag of guilt I’ve been carrying around for missing the deadline I dramatically set for myself to release this program dropped and things started to make sense.

What a revelation! I started to laugh at the simplicity of it all.

Of course, I did set my New Year’s intentions for this year visualising where I want to go and where I want to be but little I paid attention to the timing.

Being of a futuristic nature I often see things of the future projected in front of me in the present moment so clearly, it feels I can only reach out and grab it. Very deceptive, I agree.

And so the chasing game begins... 

You’re so determined to get it, you start pushing, rushing, fighting it and most of all being hard on yourself. But at what costs?

Over the years I’ve seemed to master all the procrastination techniques and my diary is always super organised with to do lists. When a few weeks later I notice my progress has been next to nothing I start stressing out and questioning what’s holding me back and why.

Yet, it never hit me before that my procrastination could be a form of instinct, intuition and the divine resistance to letting things unfold when and as they’re ready, not when I want them to be. 

Because I might still be missing some insights. I might still need to learn a few lessons or meet someone who sparks a new idea. I still have to master the biggest technique of all - being persistent as much as being patient.

These days I tend to appreciate my procrastination moments, we've even become the best friends. I know I’m in good hands and learnt to take action and each new step with grace, appreciating getting lost in my thoughts and observations and letting my intuition lead the way.

Have you noticed how good it feels going with the flow, rather than against it?

You might not get there fast but you get there wiser, stronger and complete, after shaking off the external pressures or internal disappointments with yourself.

You know when things are right when it feels right.