A-Z Breathing Benefits


When you scan through the list of breathing benefits, it's no surprise I recommend pranayama (yogic breathing) as No. 1 practice in my yoga classes. It's the most powerful, natural, and for many people, untapped resource of energy that is accessible 24/7 and it's completely free.

Whether you're on your yoga mat holding your pose, trying to find more spaciousness so your body can open or release a tension and discomfort, you should reach out for your breath.

Whether you're stuck in traffic or squashed in a tube during your morning commute, feeling stressed or just had a massive argument with your partner and you're seeing black, you should reach out for your breath.

Whether you run marathons, hike or enjoy other sports, where your main goal is to keep your stamina high and focus sharp, you should reach out for your breath.

Whether you feel tension, fear and anxiety of public speaking (yes, I am talking to all the artists, performers, presenters and leaders) or simply trying to beat a panic attack at your dentist, you should reach out for your breath.

Whether you feel stuck in your routines and stereotypes or the future is not unfolding as bright and beautiful as you envisioned, you should reach out for your breath.

Does it sound familiar? Can you identify with any of these experiences and feelings?

The truth is that your breath has the power to deal with all of these physical and mental issues if you know how to breathe, how to manage it and how to use it to your full advantage.

With the controlled breath, you can get from where you are now to where you want to be and stay in charge of your body and mind as well as the whole of your life with grace, love and ease.

If you want to dive in, explore the power of your breath and claim your life back, I would love you to join my new course "The Art Of Breathing" on Tuesday 7th July 2015 at Neal's Yard Remedies in Covent Garden, London.

And because I really want you to get the most out of it, you will also get FREE 30min private consultation via Skype with your booking so I can help you address any specific issues and get deeper into your breath practice.