Good Things You Can Find Without Looking For Them


OMG, you have no idea how fired up I am about today's topic and something I wanted to share with you since my recent 'Restoring The Flow Of Nature' retreat. But first, let me tell you a little story so you can better understand what I am going on about...

So I just completed an online mindful marketing course called B-School by the wonderful Marie Forleo for which I signed up back in March through Danielle Laporte's website, a brilliant spiritual author of The Desired Map, who kindly sent me my bonus gift pack last month that included #Truthbomb Card Deck. 

Now I arrive in our beautiful Tilton House retreat two weeks ago and bring #Truthbomb cards for our first meditation session to get my clients inspired. We all sit down for dinner one evening and here I get to talk to Sarah. Not only had she just graduated from the same online course as myself, she is also a prize-winning writer and one of Danielle Laporte's 'Your Big Beautiful Book Plan' contributors.

How amazing is that!?! You may want to call it coincidence or lucky accident but for me moments like this one are serendipitous and you never know how they unfold...

If you spent some time with me you would notice that I pretty much see acts of serendipity in every single thing and I would even add that 'serendipity' has been a theme of my life as far as I can remember.

Serendipity (n.) - a fortunate happenstance, pleasant surprise, happy accident or finding something good without looking for it. 

Furthermore, The New Oxford Dictionary of English defines serendipity as the occurrence and development of events by chance in a satisfactory or beneficial way, understanding the chance as any event that takes place in the absence of any obvious project (randomly or accidentally), which is not relevant to any present need, or in which the cause is unknown.

The word itself was originally coined by Horace Walpole in 1754, 4th Earl of Orford, in one of his letters to a friend, referring to a Persian fairy tale, 'The Three Princes Of Serendip'. What intrigues me is that Walpole is also largely remembered for his Strawberry Hill castle/house in Twickenham, a south-west London area which just happens to be our new neighbourhood...

If you've seen the movie 'Serendipity' with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale you know what I am talking about. It's packed with a lot of happy accidents and yes, it's one of my favourite movies in case you wanted to ask.

True, it may be cheesy (and romantic) but it gives you an insight into how these serendipity moments in our life directly influence the bigger picture and when looking back over the years they bring the puzzle together one piece at the time.

To me serendipity is a capacity to see behind the reality as it may occur to you, searching for truth and shaping your faith or destiny by trusting the sense of humour and absolute creativity of the Universe.

You can see these little moments as your road signs which, if you are willing to change your perspective and trust your intuition, help you navigate on your journey with a greater comfort and ease, knowing that all incidents are linked and part of a master plan. 

And if you can only do one thing today, I would love you to create your very own "Serendipity Tree" by simply looking back at your life, noting all your serendipity moments and linking them to where you are right here right now. You will be surprised how many good or bad things you have to be grateful for.

I am dying to hear about all your amazing discoveries that you are about to make, so please join the tribe and share your story below this blog. It would be so valuable to learn your unique insights, inspire and even attract a new 'serendipity' incidents. You never know...