Make Your Happiness A Priority


As I was resting in my bed last week trying to shake off a nasty spring cold I couldn't help but notice how much my body enjoyed just doing nothing. Yet my restless mind wanted to keep on going, working, creating, pushing too far...

Reminding myself that a health comes with a peaceful and tranquil mind, I gave myself permission to be selfish and blissfully ignored my guilty thoughts as well as writing another blog post, responding to piled up emails or friends wanting to meet up.

Moving our house, settling in a new routine of commuting between our daughter's nursery and yoga classes, working on my new program launch and getting ready for the upcoming workshop & retreat have seemed to stretch me over my limits.

It's usually when you switch to autopilot and make yourself believe that you're a super human who can multitask and juggle all those work projects, deadlines, family, household and relationships - satisfying everyone else around you but yourself - that the nature has to step in and slow you down. 

Because honestly, would you admit you just can't do it all and step on a break yourself?

Whether in a shape of a virus, back pain, migraine or even broken toe, you're virtually forced to stop and start taking care of yourself. You need to find time and space to allow your body and mind to restore their energies and recharge.

For if you don't feel well, you can't support yourself or your loved ones. You can't share your energy because there is none to share. But most importantly, you can't shine your unique gifts, passions and happiness in this world and everyone is missing out!

So all your super powers aside, ask yourself how much self-love, self-care and happiness are you letting in your life at the moment? If it's less than 100%, it's maybe a good idea to introduce some Savasana (Corpse Pose aka Quiet Me Time) into your day, week or month. Try one of these and share your favourite 'me time' rituals to inspire the tribe...

My 3 Favourite Savasana Rituals

1. DAILY SAVASANA (10 minutes)
Give yourself at least 10 minutes to pause in the present moment and observe the world around you. Whether it's people passing by during your lunch break, bees and butterflies enjoying the blossoming gardens & parks, playing a cloud game and imagining their various shapes & forms, feeling the warm sun and/or cold raindrops on your skin...

Create a blissful at home spa, light up candles, put on some calming music and immerse yourself in a hot bath scented with an aromatherapy oil. Enjoy the moment while engaging with all your five senses - feel the warm water on your skin, smell the essential oils, watch the flickering light of candles, hear the melody passing through your ears. And why not treating yourself to a piece of delicious dark chocolate and tasting its flavour to unfold?

Do something new and out of ordinary! Visit a new place that you haven't been to, go for a massage if it's something you don't normally do, treat yourself to a decadent dinner with a friend you haven't seen for a while, have a whole weekend away and turn off all technology, go for a long walk or bike ride without planning your destination...