Energy Flows Where Intention Goes


When people find out that I used to work for Depeche Mode (one of my favourite bands of all time) in my twenties, they often wonder how on earth did I manage to get this job?

My typical and very short version of the story would be: "I was at the right place at the right time."

The truth is I had a plan, I took an action and I was offered a position millions of fans would kill for, literally!

Now let me explain. When I made my plan all I was doing was setting intentions which are the energy seeds of all our dreams, my actions represented my inner strength, determination and focus on that specific goal and the outcome was a pure manifestation of my dream.


I bet all of those millions other fans had probably the same dream as me but did they show up? Did they send the positive energy and vibration in that direction? Did they take the same steps?

I guess not. Or else, I wouldn't have this story to tell and that's what sets us all apart.
We all may have similar dreams and wishes but it's the level of action we take it gets measured at the end of each day.

Now let me ask you. Do you wake up in the morning and think to yourself I wish my day to be miserable and boring? Perhaps not. So why is it then that we often feel unhappy and unfulfilled by the end of it?

The secret is in the creative power of intention. It's the choice you make when you wake up in the morning and set your goal, dream or target for the day.

If you choose to be unhappy, you will end up feeling unhappy in all you do and in all your encounters by simply vibrating a negative energy into your little universe. If you choose happiness, you will experience richness and abundance in every aspect of your life as you will naturally attract it.

Life is too short and too precious living a life we don't desire so turn your dreams into reality just like I did by using the following...

5 Steps To Turn Intentions Into Reality

1. Practice meditation to create more mental space and clarity, connecting to your higher consciousness;
2. Visualise your dream in every detail, shape and form;
3. Experience the desired outcome as if you were already living it;
4. Be aware and bring your attention back to your visualised dream every time you loose your focus;
5. Don't force or push things, enjoy the journey and trust the infinite wisdom of the Universe!

If you feel you have a similar story to share and wish to inspire other people who feel their dreams are out of their reach, please leave a comment below this post and let us know how you made it.