Progress Is Impossible Without Change


I'd like to think that my heart & mind have always been open to new possibilities, opportunities and encounters. Searching, learning and progressing in both my life and business is what my soul needs and can thrive on. I hate feeling stuck, not moving forward.

Though, the question I have been asking for some time now is at what pace I can move towards my dreams. By my enthusiastic nature, I like to make things happen at the speed of light. I want them right here right now as my futuristic mind sees them as a reality long before I even take the first step.

Looking back over the last few years, I have to confess that as much as this approach keeps my drive and motivation high, in reality my dreams have not been coming any closer. The opposite, in fact.

Then I started noticing a pattern and realised that dreams don't (usually) come true over night. They can take weeks, months or even years. And it is ok, because even Rome wasn't built in one day...

As much as yoga teaches us to enjoy every step of the journey while keeping our inner compass set towards our destination on the yoga mat, I started implementing this practice in my life & business, breaking my big dreams into a digestible and actionable portions.

Tuning in with the flow of my nature and slowing down gives me time and space to observe and check in with myself. It gives me an opportunity to reflect on the completed journey so far and whether I am still honest and true to what I want and where I want to go in the future.

Lesson learnt and I am so excited to be saying 'goodbye' to The Baoli now, a company I created nine years ago from the place of a super-speedy mind and ego. The journey doesn't feel right anymore and it has to end.

Instead I am so proud to say 'hello' to Michaela Olexova aka, a place of love, passion and desire to manifest my dreams one small step at the time. And guess what? It feels bloody fantastic already!

Now if you can identify with my story and don't want to feel stuck in moving towards your dreams because they may feel far too big or you may just be too scared, it's time to take your first bite and schedule your dreams in this fun printable "LIVING MY DREAMS PLANNER".