Embrace Your Imperfections


Perfection is a funny characteristic! If I was to go for a job interview I'm not sure if I'd classify it a good or a bad one anymore. As much as I used to pride myself for being a perfectionist, I'm struggling to see many positives in perfecting everything in my life as I grow older.

Ever since I can remember I've been struggling with an obsessive compulsive disorder (just a tiny bit), having all my books, pencils, notepads and ornaments organised on my desk in a very specific order. You bet I'd notice if something got moved or misplaced by anyone even slightly!

Then I got my first job (and all the other jobs), started my own business and became a mum and all I could think of was to be the best in all these roles...perfecting everything to the point I was driving either myself, my family or my colleagues crazy.

So where do you find the right balance? 

I figure having that big, bold, bright, colourful and perfect picture of where you're going and why you want to be there is very important. It keeps your spirit and motivation high and helps you grow and move forward.

However, it's the awareness that you're already doing your best and you're enough as you are that we all have to keep on mastering and perfecting instead, whether you want to become the best entrepreneur, parent, artist or simply hold your Tree pose on the yoga mat in stillness.

If you only aim for perfection, there will never be progress, freedom, fun, love, happiness, joy, creativity and harmony.

The artists will never finish their masterpieces, children will be constantly comparing themselves to others and you'll be constantly chasing your dream of a perfect life...

But darling, the truth is you're already living it NOW!