Potato & Mushroom Soup


This traditional Czech Potato Soup is so in season right now and I promise you its whole-hearted flavours will transport you to deep forests and mountains in an instance. At least that's the memory of my childhood that I hold to present days - getting lost in the great outdoors, foraging for wild mushrooms, celebrating every time you find one (it can become quite addictive, you've been warned!) and creating this filling and nourishing meal that I have learned to perfect over the years...

Serves 4


3-4 potatoes, cut
2 carrots, sliced
1 celery root, sliced
6 cauliflower florets
Handful of peas & sweetcorn (can be frozen)
2 cloves of garlic (crushed)
Handful of wild mushrooms (dried, fresh or mixed)
Vegetable stock
1 tbsp butter
2 tbsp plain flour
1/2 tsp caraway seeds
2 tsp marjoram


1. Prepare your wild mushrooms before you start cooking. If you use a dried variety, make sure you soak them in a hot water first for about 15 minutes. If you use fresh ones, slice them thinly.

2. In the meantime, melt the butter on a small pan and mix in the plain flour to prepare a light brown roux.

3. Add all the vegetables and mushrooms into a large pot and pour over the vegetable stock. Mix in the crushed garlic and caraway seeds. Bring to boil and cook for around 25 minutes.

4. Then mix roux and marjoram in to the soup and cook for additional 10 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.

5. Serve with a slice of dark bread.