Living In The Moment


All my friends and students (and myself now and then) always complain they have no time anymore. I often hear them saying how fast time flies and where has the time gone... If this sounds familiar ask yourself this: Did the year shrink in the number of days in the calendar? Does a day suddenly have 20 hours instead of 24? You know the answer...

Maybe it can feel like this with the growing demands and expectations of our modern society and fast technology intervening in all aspects of our life. However I strongly believe that it’s more about the choices we make and our perception of what our life should be like. 

Rather than running against the currents of our life’s river and stressing about the lack of time, it would be more beneficial if we tuned ourselves with the pace of the nature we are all part of and simply accept where we are here and now. 

As it turns out we have the power to change this perception and train our mind to perceive our life and the world around us differently. Like everything it comes with a regular practice and yoga asanas, meditation, breathing exercises and visualisation techniques offer a great way to access your inner focus and resources to make this change happen.

Going back to nature

Living in south-west London and having the river Thames, Richmond Park and Kew Gardens at my doorstep makes it really easy for me to invite a breath of fresh air and space into my life and observe the mastery of the nature. The natural setting not only offers a serene place to contemplate, it is also a huge playground for all your senses. 

Just a few weeks ago we popped in to Kew Gardens to visit Barefoot Walk, one of their main attractions this summer, part of the Plantasia Festival. You are invited to slip off your shoes and follow a pathway of the many different textures nature has to offer, balancing on beams and hopping across tree trunks for a feel good experience. 

Grounding yourself barefoot on natural surfaces can be highly beneficial to your health and general wellbeing. It’s the one way to awaken and engage your senses on your journey to center and experience your natural self in the present moment without being trapped in the past or rushing to the future.

5 Steps to Sensory Meditation

Now that you know that it is within your powers to claim some of the precious time back, why don’t you have a go with these practical sensory meditations – plus it’s great fun!

Try to replicate Kew Garden’s Barefoot Walk whenever you are out in the nature. Take your shoes off and walk barefoot on the grass, pebbles, mud, bark, sand, water or stones. You can also experience the sense of touch by feeling the warmth of the sun, light breeze on your skin, texture of your clothes or yoga mat.

Close your eyes and start noticing all the sounds and noises around you - birds singing, ocean waves coming to the shore, music playing, distant voices or laughing and even passing cars. Simply allow these sounds to pass through your head without stopping them or putting your energy in examining them too much.

3. SEE
Gazing in a far distance is a great way to channel your energy and rest your mind focus from your daily thoughts, problems and worries. Choose the great outdoors of open sea, mountains and forests or watch the clouds and stars to breath in some headspace. Watching our daughter play and reducing my frequency to her natural rhythm and pace has also proven to slow myself down and change my manic habits.

Now the chocolate meditation has been one of the most popular forms of meditation for beginners in some of my classes. All it takes is a little piece of good quality chocolate. Then close your eyes and let the chocolate melt in your mouth slowly while concentrating  on its changing shape, texture and flavours. It’s definitely a good start! What more if you apply this technique to your other meals you will quickly change your relationship with food  and move your eating habits from fast to slow food. Your guts will love you!

I don’t know about you but I often keep relating people, places and experience to their specific smells. Similar to the music, I can transport myself anywhere I want just by smelling a particular food, flower or perfume. So if you see me around sniffing the freshly cut grass or a hot garden drenched in a summer rain, join me in storing the scent molecules as you can always go back to them and re-connect with your happy moments and memories.

So I have shared my tips on living in the moment, why don't you leave a comment and tell me what are yours?