What I wear this summer?


As the long-awaited summer has arrived I start looking around for new seasonal updates for my beauty collection to give my skin regime the much needed boost after a rather long winter and wet spring. Having relatively dry skin from around November till April, I am definitely after a light formula that would simplify my beauty ritual. After all, isn't the summer an ideal time to feel free, natural and fresh?

If you search for the 'natural ingredients + holistic principles = healthy looking skin' results in your beauty products then you'll be delighted to hear about Suti's handcrafted organic skincare collection that ticks all the boxes for me. Made in England their entire range is based on the principles of energy healing, working with Reiki and meditation to set an energetic intention while Crystals and the cycle of the Moon bring new life and vitality to the skin, mind and spirit.

Suti's empowering 'HONOUR Coconut & Roses Face Cream' that I have just discovered and added to my skincare family combines three nurturing and indulgent ingredients - Rose to hydrate and nourish, Coconut to protect and rebuilt elasticity and Date Seed Extract to help prevent ageing and wrinkles. 

With its energy honouring the Divine Feminine within each of us I have to admit it was love at first sight. From the first sniff of delicate tones of rose and coconut to the blend's divine texture making my skin look and feel silky soft. Did I mention the luxe recyclable packaging with an easy to use glass pump bottle?

I have been applying 'HONOUR Coconut & Roses Face Cream' onto my face and neck for over three weeks each morning and even some of the nights (I just couldn't resist!) and I am happy to confirm that Suti delivers on their promise that when applying this beautiful cream it becomes a time for reflection, a time to be at one with yourself, a time to create a sacred space to Honour – above, below and within.

Make sure to discover Suti's entire skincare collection at www.suti.co.uk and let me know your favourites!