Pick Your Own


If you want to know what you eat, go and pick your own food. The best and the most exciting way to do so is going foraging, at least that's what we used to do with my family when I was little. Spending a day running in a forest and filling our jars and baskets with wild mushrooms, blueberries, alpine strawberries and all sort of berries.

The next best thing, living in London and introducing our daughter Maya to growing your own food and eating healthy, is to plant some seeds in our little back garden or visiting one of the popular 'pick your own' sites. Just under half hour from south-west London, you reach the extensive fields and orchards of Garsons Farm in Esher and that's when the fun begins...for children as well as adults.

Big posts around the farm indicate what crop is in season, it's time to collect a bag or a punnet from any of the little huts that also serve as payment points and are strategically positioned around the farm. You can get away tasting one or two strawberries from the field before you pay but make sure you keep all your receipts until you reach the final check point before you can leave.

I also feel I have to warn you, these farm visits can become little addictive! When you see the endless strawberry fields or raspberry bushes covered with all the red luscious berries, you can't seem to stop filling one basket after another, because they all just keep crying for you to get them out of there...Yeah, they need you and you need them and so we will be back...soon!