What's Your Greatness?


So last Saturday I popped into TriYoga Soho for an evening of 'Transformative Practice Extravaganza' led by Sianna Sherman and Sally Kempton. The event was described as a transformative wisdom, meditation, deep mantra, mudra and deity practice.

I find that the great thing about doing just about any workshop, class or training, whether you enjoy it or not, is that no matter what your expectations are, they always manage to open a new door, new horizon, new opportunity, not to mention new friendships. So I say go out there and meet, talk, listen, learn and do!

On a very sub-conscious level, we feel drawn to teachers, groups and subjects that our heart and soul are in need of in that particular time and place, and whose collective consciousness and intimacy provides us with such level of support and trust so that we can free ourselves of all our masks. And this was exactly one of those evenings - to inspire, release, open up, re-connect and realise your greatness. 

What I would like to share with you today are two specific exercises that we practiced in pairs together with other 'strangers' during the event. Personally, I am still not sure which one of those exercises I found harder to do but the fact is that at the end of the session I experienced a great flow of positive energy, liberation and connectedness.

I can only compare this experience to a confession, whether to a priest or your personal diary. So why don't you have a go and spend the next 5 minutes (or as long as it takes) confessing to yourself in front of a mirror or writing on a piece of paper or just talking to an imaginary friend. Let the words flow, you already might be aware of them, only too shy or scared to say them out loud. 

1. What is your greatness?
Simply come up with as many things and qualities that you personally feel you are great at.
Example: "I am a great listener and help people to realise their true potential."

2. What is your edge of growth?
Mention everything that you think is holding you back or where you feel a personal struggle.
Example: "My perfectionism and hight expectations of myself as well as other people are causing too much stress and frustration in my family."

Funnily, when I was talking about my greatness I noticed that it was coming more from my heart. On the other hand, the edge of growth was more related to my mind and ego, and as much as they are the opposite of each other, I found the spiritual effect of both exercises equally powerful and elevating.

Did you feel the same or something completely different? Would you like to share your greatness or edge of growth with me? What was your personal experience, feelings or emotions doing this exercise? Did you find it easy or hard?

Let me know how this exercise went for you in comments below, I would very much like to hear from you.

Thank you Sianna and Sally for such a wonderful evening and love + peace + happiness to all!