Only From The Heart Can You Touch The Sky


It’s been seven years this October since I listened and followed my heart. Moving to London proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made, being blessed with a loving boyfriend, gorgeous daughter and inspiring career as a yoga teacher along the way.

But it didn’t come with ease! 

In fact it took me more than two weeks of making endless ‘pros & cons’ lists and battling with my mind over all the reasons why I should go and why I should stay to the point of mental exhaustion and mild depression.

There were two things I was certain of...

Firstly, I always knew that ever since I lived in London back in the 90’s I had to come back one day. Secondly, I am a dreamer and natural risk taker. 

Yet, leaving behind my comfortable life of a marketing executive, not to mention my family and friends, seemed like a giant leap I wasn’t sure I was ready to take at the age of 35. 

Then I stopped thinking, I just had to get out of my mind. Let go and get some head space. I knew I needed a clarity of mind to be able to make any decision. So I took a step back together with a deep breath and started to feel and listen instead. 

When I released the mental tension, my body softened and opened. I started hearing the whisper of my heart as I filled my body with fresh air of possibilities, opportunities and thrill of a new beginning. Suddenly there were no doubts, no questions, no worries. It was clear to me where I needed to be and everything was falling into place.

How was it that only within a couple of days I moved from fear and uncertainty to feelings of confidence, peace and joy?  

The heart is the perfection of the whole organism. Therefore the principles of the power of perception and the soul’s ability to nourish itself must lie in the heart.
— Aristotle

Going beyond the body and mind and tuning in with my heart frequency I allowed myself to re-connect with my true nature, my deepest desires, wildest dreams and passions. I knew it was my soul speaking through my heart. It felt right back then as much as it has felt right every day ever since...

So why is it we let the little devil called ‘mind’ have its say?

I truly believe it’s for the knowledge, to gain new set of skills, to master your talents, to improve your genius. Even to test your resilience, your faith and beliefs.

The seat of knowledge is in the head, of wisdom, in the heart.
— William Hazlitt

If only I followed the same rules every time my mind is trying to push in too hard. Would I be able to achieve more significant things in a shorter period of time? Would I be able to offer greater benefits to more people? 

Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t, it is of no use.
— Carlos Castaneda

Now I know it’s alright to take the path of knowledge, even if it means taking a short detour from the original directions. As long as I have a map in my heart that takes me back to my authentic self so I can manifest it freely without hesitation in this world. 

Only from the heart can you touch the sky.
— Rumi

Whether it takes me two weeks or two years to realise I am on the path of knowledge or wisdom, opening my heart and listening to its subtle whispers is now part of my regular practice. And I happen to have a track record of personal experiences to believe that the greatest things are to come to me when I put my heart above all.